Saturday, February 9, 2013

As Feared, Blizzard of 2013 Dealt a Striking Blow to New England...

As the old saying goes, a picture speaks 1,000 words, so here we go (most photos are via social media, so the original photographer is not known but is noted when applicable)...

Cars buried in Meriden, CT (by Liz Suess)

Ditto - Connecticut again

Massive drifts in Fairfield, CT (Jennifer Buchanan)


A Before/After from Boston
(Eric Yale)

Buried in Boston

Milford, CT (38 inches not counting drifts)
(Jon Leiberman)

Awesome "snow art" in Greenfield, MA
(Chrissy Steiner)

Stony Brook (Long Island)

Marstons Mills, Mass.

Here's a timelapse video by Geoff Fox of Hamden, CT.  The time period is from 6am to 11pm EST yesterday.  He stopped the recording when the bottom of the window was completely covered:

More than 1,000,000 people are estimated to be without power (that number is probably much higher), and the U.S. Postal Service has suspended deliveries across most of the Northeast today (so much for neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow...)

Here are some of the highest known snowfall amounts through 8:30 a.m. EST this morning.  Please note, these are actual snow depths - not drifts (which are much higher):

Milford, CT 38.0 inches
Oxford, CT 36.2 inches
New Haven, CT 34.3 inches
Hamden, CT 34.0 inches
Gorham, ME 32.9 inches
Upton, NY 30.9 inches
Portland, ME 29.3 inches - all time record
Worcester, MA 28.5 inches
Farmington, NH 27.0 inches
Smithfield, RI 24.0 inches
Hartford, CT 22.3 inches (all time record of 24 inches likely to be broken)
Boston (airport) 21.8 inches
Concord, NH 20.3 inches
River Vale, NJ 15.0 inches
New York (Central Park) 11.4 inches

Its important to keep in mind that accumulating snow is still falling at most of these locations, so the above numbers are by no means the final totals.

The heaviest snow should end from West to East across the region by about 12 to 1pm EST in most areas.

I'll have another update later today with the final totals, and I'm sure some of the smaller cooperative observer locations will be reporting by that time as well, which will give us a better idea as to the overall picture.  This one was a whopper for sure!

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