Saturday, February 23, 2013

Major Winter Storm - Round 2 - Heading to the Plains...

Much to the chagrin of the Groundhog, and as mentioned in a post yesterday, another major winter storm is heading for the Plains late Sunday night through Monday night.  

A Winter Storm Watch has been posted for much of the region by the National Weather Service, as shown in purple on the above image.  A Blizzard Watch is shown in green.  Additional watches and/or advisories are likely to be issued further East (and perhaps into southwest Kansas) later today.

This post will be relatively brief, with more details to come as additional information flows in later today...

As I mentioned yesterday, heavy snow is likely across a good part of the region that was already impacted a few short days ago, and this time, the wind will also be a major factor.  I believe full fledged blizzard conditions will extend well East of Colorado, into portions of Kansas and perhaps northwest Oklahoma and the Texas/Oklahoma panhandle regions as well.

Anyone within the Winter Storm Watch area (as well as at least southwestern Kansas) should prepare for white out conditions with this storm.

The latest runs of the European and GFS computer model snowfall forecasts are shown below, respectively.  I am showning the results through 6pm CST Tuesday, to give the folks a bit further East an idea as to what is likely headed their way as well:

As you can see, both models are forecasting new, heavy snowfall from northwestern Oklahoma, northeastward to the Kansas City Metro area.

If you live across this region and haven't started already, please prepare for this storm now, and stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend...

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