Friday, February 22, 2013

Heavy Blanket of Snow Across the Plains After Storm...

A heavy blanket of snow is covering much of the central Plains and parts of the Midwest this morning, in the wake of the snow maker of the last 36-48 hours.

The Wichita, KS area fell just short (0.8 inch) of the "all time" snow storm record, ending up with a total of 14.2 inches by yesterday evening.  The most snow ever received from a single storm in the city was 15 inches, back in 1962.

Most of the Kansas City Metro area received 9-12 inches.  The Kansas City International Airport received 9.2 inches, which was the 5th highest snowfall on record for the city.  Overland Park, a suburb on the Kansas side, received 13.5 inches of snow.

So far, the highest snowfall total I've seen (outside of the Rockies) with this system was 18.0 inches at Nashville, KS, which is about 45 miles to the West of Wichita.

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