Thursday, March 21, 2013

Damaging Tornado Strikes Yarrawonga, Mulwala Australia Areas...

A large, damaging tornado struck the communities of Yarrawonga and Mulwala in New South Wales, Australia this morning (U.S. time).  This is about 135-140 miles North/Northeast of Melbourne.

The above photo is a screen grab taken from this video posted to facebook.

Another video of the tornado was recently posted to YouTube (note the power flashes, especially toward the end of the short clip):

Stephen Hicks of Yarrawonga took this photo of the tornado as posted to facebook:

Authorities say at least 90 people have been injured, though fortunately most appeared to be "walking wounded".  

Damage reports so far include the roof of a post office being removed, as well as widespread tree, powerline and vehicle damage.  Large hail also reportedly accompanied the storms that hit the region during the late afternoon and early evening hours (Australian time).

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Mark said...

Wow! Pretty interesting video. Could you please answer me the following question: I have hard that Sunday I am supposed to get Severe Thunderstorms. What do you think will be the main threats? i am from Atlanta, GA
Thank you, Mark

Tree Pruning Asheville NC said...

Very interesting to be honest, great video. I would love to see more.

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Rosie said...

Just to be pedantic- it's New South Wales, the state, not Whales!...and Yarrawonga is in the state of Victoria on the south side of the Murray River while the twin town of Mulwala is on the north side in the state of NSW.
My parents live in the Yarrawonga area and they heard the hail, but not a leaf is out of place at their home and they haven't sighted any damage near them yet. So it must have been very localised.

Rob White said...

Rosie, thanks for pointing out the typo, I have corrected it. Glad to hear your parents fared well!


Rob White said...


Thanks for the note. Sorry for not responding until now, I was tied up all day yesterday.

The main question for ATL will be how unstable the atmosphere is able to become. The time of day may also be a "negative" factor for severe weather.

Need to monitor the Saturday night/Sunday morning time frame the way it looks now, which would mainly favor a heavy rain, gusty wind, hail type threat. Stay tuned!

Mark said...

Mr. White,
Thanks for the information.
If you have seen my comment a couple of days ago, I am very interested in weather, a weather enthusiast, and a student forecaster, 11 years old. I have my own blog, so if you want, you can visit it.
I will stay tuned to the posts on your site!


There's also this footage...