Friday, March 15, 2013

Thunderstorms Coming Back Into the Picture This Weekend...

After enjoying relatively quiet weather conditions across the nation for much of this week, things are starting to "heat-up" just a bit for today through the weekend, especially across the eastern third of the country...

Scattered thunderstorms are forecast to develop tonight in the Midwest and Ohio Valley region in response to an increasingly moist, unstable airmass moving into the region from the South.  A few of the storms may produce hail near severe limits, especially after sunset (click image to enlarge):

Thunderstorm activity will become a bit more widespread on Saturday, with a risk of severe storms across portions of the Mid-Atlantic during the afternoon and evening.  The primary threat in this region will be hail and wind gusts near severe limits (click image to enlarge):

There are signs that a more robust threat of severe weather may be taking shape for early next week (particularly Monday) across portions of the Ohio and Tennessee Valley region.  I'll have more on this threat in a detailed post later today...

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