Sunday, March 24, 2013

Heavy Snow Across St. Louis / Surrounding Areas...

It's snowing to beat the band on this late March day across portions of the Midwest.  Snow continues to fall heavily in the St. Louis Metro area this hour:

The numbers inside of the blue and purple squares indicate how much snow is on the ground at a given location as of the last 1-2 hours.  Note the 6-8 inch amounts across the Kansas City area, and 2-4 inches so far in St. Louis, but it's still snowing heavily there at this time.  Wichita ended up with 3-6 inches in most cases.

There is also cloud to ground lightning taking place across western and northern portions of the St. Louis metro area along with the snow at this time, as indicated by the plus signs within the yellow circled areas on the image below:

This is indicative of heavy snowfall with rates of 1-2 inches per hour likely.

Snowfall will spread East into the Ohio Valley through tonight and Monday, where Winter Storm Warnings (shown in pink on the map below ) are in effect:

Six inches or more of snowfall is likely across a broad swath from Missouri into the mountains of West Virginia and Virginia through tonight:

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