Sunday, March 3, 2013

Latest Winter Storm to End Snow Drought in D.C.?

A major winter storm system will track from the northcentral Plains (today) through the Midwest and Ohio Valley (Monday and Tuesday) and reach the northeast and mid-Atlantic region by Wednesday of this week.

While some of the exact details have yet to be worked out (particularly for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions), its safe to say that cities such as Minneapolis, Chicago and the DC/Baltimore area that have not seen a lot of snow this winter are definitely in for accumulating snows with this system...

Here is the latest snowfall forecast from the U.S. GFS model valid now through Tuesday evening, showing heavy accumulation for both Minneapolis and Chicago:

...and then through Wednesday evening, with significant snow indicated for the Baltimore/Washington DC areas:

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect ahead of this system in the northcentral U.S. and Midwest, with more to come further to the East tomorrow:

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