Monday, September 6, 2010

T.S. Hermine as Seen with Some Nifty Software

The above radar image of Tropical Storm Hermine was taken at 10:50 CDT this morning, from the Brownsville, TX radar.  To orient you with the map, the light blue lettering "KBRO" (located near the center of the image) shows the location of the Brownsville, TX radar site.  The light blue lettering "KEWX" near the top center of the image shows the location of the New Braunfels, TX radar site (which is between San Antonio and Austin).

The dark red track line shows the current and forecast positions of Hermine over the next 48 hours (each point is roughly a 12 hour forecast position).  The lighter pink lines were the track forecasts from the previous two advisories, so you can see how the track has been adjusted (which thus far has been further Eastward with the last 2 advisories).

The airplane symbols East of the storm in the Gulf of Mexico show the hurricane hunter aircraft that is heading in to evaluate the storm as we speak.

The above images were generated by a software program called GRLevel2, which you can get here (including a free trial download).  The additional data plots (storm tracks, airplane data, etc.) are generated by AllisonHouse, a data provider, which you can access here.  (Please note, I am not affiliated with GRLevel2 nor AllisonHouse in any way, I just love their products!)

For more details on Hermine, including a forecast of the greatest expected impact on Texas, see my earlier post here.

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