Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tropics Remain Active...

The remnants of Karl are spinning over southern Mexico this morning, spreading copious amounts of heavy rains over that mountainous region.  Widespread flooding and mudslides are likely to continue in that region today.

Meanwhile, further North, the combination of a trough of low pressure at the surface along the Gulf Coast and a weak upper level disturbance moving over the region today will result in widespread shower & thunderstorm activity for much of South Texas.  The heaviest, most widespread precipitation is expected to take place along the coastal regions from Corpus Christi on southward.  

Additional, more widely scattered, activity will take place into portions of Central Texas along the I-35 corridor later this afternoon (much like what took place on Friday).

Back to the satellite image at the top of the post, you can see hurricane Igor out over the central Atlantic, heading toward Bermuda.  The system is expected to impact Bermuda later tonight and Sunday.  

Maximum sustained winds are currently 110 mph...and Igor is expected to remain a dangerous hurricane as it impacts Bermuda over the 2nd half of the weekend.  Below is the latest closeup image of Igor:

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