Sunday, September 5, 2010

Texas Rainmaker Still On Track...

The above visible satellite image was taken about an hour ago, and shows the area of disturbed weather that we blogged about yesterday continuing across the Bay of Campeche, in the Southwest Gulf of Mexico.  The radar image below was taken from the Alvarado, Mexico radar about 45 minutes ago.

The above radar image doesn't have looping capabilities, but if it did, you would see some rotation beginning to take place around what could be considered the "center" of this disturbance.  The disturbance is drifting toward the Northwest at about 5 mph.

There is a good chance that this system will become at least a Tropical Depression before moving inland over Mexico late Monday or early Tuesday.

While significant tropical development of this system doesn't appear likely, what does appear likely is a widespread, meaningful rainfall event for the Lone Star State, beginning late Monday and ending on Thursday.

Note the widespread rainfall forecast of 1 inch or more across much of Texas this week.  Localized amounts of 4-6 inches are forecast across a large part of southcentral & southeast Texas.

At this time it appears that the bulk of the above rain will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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