Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Hurricane With the Unfortunate Name Grows Stronger

No offense to any readers by the same name (and if you're out there, please send me an e-mail - I think it would be awesome to receive an e-mail from someone by that name), but I have no idea why "Igor" would end up on the hurricane name list.  Everytime I hear it, I picture a hunch-backed assistant helping the mad scientist in his lab.  Oh well, enough of the editorial and potentially insulting comments...

While the name may be funny...Hurricane Igor is no laughing matter.  As of the 4pm CDT advisory, the storm has intensified to a dangerous category 4 hurricane.  The center of the storm is located approximately 1065 miles East of the Northernmost Leeward Islands...and moving West at 14 mph.

Maximum sustained winds have increased to near 140 mph...and some additional strengthening is forecast over the next few days as the system moves out over even warmer waters.

Residents of Bermuda beware...Igor could threaten you in 5-7 days.

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