Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hermine Still Holding on - Dumping Lots of Rain

The above image of Tropical Storm Hermine as seen by the New Braunfels, TX radar was taken just about 5 minutes ago, and shows the center of the storm just Northwest of San Antonio.  Movement is North/Northwest at 20 mph.

As the inner core (surrounding the center) traversed San Antonio over the last hour, several reports of wind gusts in the 40-50 mph range were received...along with a continuation of the very heavy rainfall.

The image below shows storm total rainfall estimates as viewed by the same radar, through about 1:45 local time.

The brighest pinks and purples near the coast in Southeast Texas show radar estimated rainfall of 6-8 inches.  A large area of the orange and red shading extends well back Northwest to the Austin/San Antonio corridor, where radar is estimating that 3-6 inches of rain has fallen.

Going back to the top image showing the most recent radar, you can see that the continuous, heavy rains are about to come to an end from South to North across the corridor from San Antonio to Austin, as the center of Hermine continues North/Northwest.  There are still additional "feeder" bands of lighter showers redeveloping to the Southeast, which will traverse the region throughout the remainder of the afternoon and into this evening.  These bands could produce up to another inch of rain through this evening, with localized amounts near 2 inches possible in some of the heavier showers.

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