Friday, January 28, 2011

Arctic Blast Next Week

Another arctic blast is instore for the Plains next week.

I'm not at the computer where I can illustrate images this morning, so the static HPC forecast maps below will have to do for now (I'll provide a more detailed post later today or tomorrow morning).  First is the surface map with frontal positions valid Tuesday morning at 6am CST:

As you can see, the front will be blasting southward into the southern Plains at that time.  Temperatures will be falling throughout the day across most of Texas, and a band of wintry precipitation is likely from Oklahoma and Kansas into Missouri.

By 6am CST Wednesday, the arctic front will have progressed across much of the deep South into the Gulf of Mexico.  Wintry precipitation will likely be taking place from eastern Missouri into the Ohio and portions of the Tennesee Valleys.

I'll provide a more detailed post, specifically with regard to precipitation potential with this system, later today and/or Saturday morning.

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