Sunday, January 30, 2011

Major Arctic Blast & Winter Storm This Week

The blue/grey shaded region from Oklahoma through the Midwest indicates a Winter Storm Watch that has been posted, generally valid from Monday evening in the Southwest through Wednesday night in the Northeast portions of the watch area.

I am going to take a look at the full morning computer forecast model suites before making any specific predictions, but in general, a heavy snow event appears likely from portions of east-central Kansas to northern Illinois.  A significant ice event is possible just south of the heavy snow axis, from portions of northeast Oklahoma and southeast Kansas, through southern and central Missouri into central and southern Illinois.

Meanwhile, a major arctic cold blast will impact the central and southern Plains and Midwest late Monday into Tuesday.

I'll make a more detailed posting later this morning or early this afternoon, after examining all of the latest data.


Anonymous said...

Its looking very likely now that much of west texas and central texas will see a prolonged snow event starting in the early hours of Tuesday morning and lasting well into the night. Temperatures are going to be in the teens and 20's throughtout the whole day tuesday with single digitals in the panhandle. I'm predicting this coming storm will go down in the history books... Especially if all that gulf moisture comes into play!! That is my only concern.. There is a good chance that it will remain dry across a huge chunk of texas or it will be very wet.. so if the moisture comes into play this will be huge!! especially for texas.

Anonymous said...

They say its going to be historic!! This is exciting....