Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oklahoma/Arkansas Snow Totals

In a post last night, I remarked that a 2-4 inch snow event appeared likely across northern portions of Oklahoma and Arkansas today.

Below is a snapshot of snow reports across the region today (click to enlarge):

I've highlighted some of the heavier amounts in the more heavily populated areas in the blue text boxes.

As you can see, a widespread swath of 2-4 inch snowfall took place from near Woodward in northwest Oklahoma, through the Bentonville and Rogers areas in northwest Arkansas.

Across the Tulsa metropolitan area, 2-4 inch reports were widespread, with heaviest amounts on the north side of the area (click to enlarge):

Please note that within the blue text boxes, "Event:  3 Snow" means that 3 inches of snow was measured at that location.  

Below is what a computer forecast model was calling for (yesterday evening) as far as snowfall totals are concerned.  As you can see, this particular model did a very good job in not only estimating the location but also the intensity of the event:

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