Sunday, January 30, 2011

More on Upcoming Arctic Blast...

This will be a 2 part post, first dealing with the arctic air that will invade the nation over the next few days.  The 2nd will deal with the precipitation aspects of the impending winter storm...

Below is the HPC surface forecast map valid 6pm CST Monday evening:

Note the leading edge of cold, arctic air spreading southward through the central and northern Plains.  The center of the high pressure system associated with the arctic blast is noted by the "H", located just north of the Montana border with Canada.

By 6am CST Tuesday morning, just 12 hours later, the front will have blasted south into Texas, with cold air spilling in behind.  High temperatures across the Lone Star State will occur in the early morning hours Tuesday, with temperatures falling throughout the day:

By 6am CST Wednesday, the front will have advanced through much of the deep south and into the Gulf of Mexico:

Cold air will continue spilling south behind the front, with readings across most of Texas not expected to leave the 30s:
GFS Model Forecast Surface Temps valid 6pm CST Weds 2-2-11

Strong and gusty North winds behind the front will produce dangerous wind chills across the Plains and Midwest both Tuesday and Wednesday.

My next post will touch on the precipitation potential with this system...and it looks like it will be a doosy for much of the Plains & Midwest!  Stay tuned!

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