Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The "New Coke" of the NWS

Somehow this little tidbit slipped under my radar (pun intended), but did you know that effective yesterday, the 'Tropical Prediction Center' officially changed it's name (back) to the 'National Hurricane Center'?

During the "modernization" frenzy of the 1990's, the National Weather Service changed the name of the "National Hurricane Center" (NHC) to the "Tropical Prediction Center" (TPC).  The name never really took off.  In fact, they left "National Hurricane Center" on the website and many products even after the original "name change" took place.

Anyway, I guess after pondering it for 15 or so years they decided to change the name back to the NHC.

I wish they'd do the same with the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).  I liked its former name "National Severe Storms Forecast Center" (NSSFC) a lot better, but what do I know?

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