Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Severe Storms Possible Along With Much Needed Rains in TX

The above image shows the latest severe weather outlook for today from the SPC.  Severe storms are forecast within the area outlined in green.

As noted yesterday, a cold front will be sagging Southward across Texas during the day today.  As the atmosphere heats and destabilizes, at least isolated thunderstorms are expected to form along and ahead of the southcentral Texas portion of the boundary this afternoon and evening.  A more solid line of storms is likely along the eastcentral Texas and Louisiana portions of the front, where the atmosphere will be more conducive to widespread development.

The only limiting factor over southcentral Texas is a layer of warm air above ground level (also known as a "cap") which will tend to limit widespread thunderstorm development.  However, any thunderstorms that do form are likely to become severe, with large hail likely:

Much needed rain will also fall across the areas that do see thunderstorm development.  Below is the latest rainfall forecast for today from the HPC:

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