Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Severe Weather Update

Severe thunderstorms are underway across portions of the central Plains & Midwest.  Below is an image showing a Tornado Watch (overlaying the latest radar image).  The watch is in effect until 9pm CDT:

Thunderstorms are expected to continue to develop and intensify in and close to the watch area throughout the evening.  Tornado warnings are in effect for most of the cells in southwest Iowa.  Below is the latest radar image from the Des Moines area radar site.  The pinkish-purplish polygons show areas that are under a tornado warning currently:

Meanwhile, further South in Oklahoma, an isolated thunderstorm is developing East of the dryline in Lincoln County.  Below is the latest radar image from the Norman area doppler radar:

Additional development is possible in central and eastern Oklahoma this evening, ahead of the dryline (which is depicted by the thick blue line running NNE-SSW across the middle of the above radar image).  Any thunderstorm that is able to develop and mature will likely become severe.

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