Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tornadic Supercell Over SW Georgia

An isolated tornadic supercell has formed over extreme Southwest Georgia.  The above image was taken by the Tallahassee, FL radar a few moments ago (click to enlarge).

The left half of the image shows the radar reflectivity (i.e., rain, hail, etc.) while the right half of the image shows the velocity (i.e., wind motion toward and away from the radar).

The radar site is located just off the bottom right corner of the image.  With that in mind, note the strong rotation on the velocity side of the image between Colquitt and Newton (remember, red shows wind blowing away from the radar, while green shows wind blowing toward the radar).  This also corresponds to the strong, "hook echo" signature on the reflectivity side of the image.

The pinkish-purplish polygon shows where a Tornado Warning is currently in effect.

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