Thursday, April 12, 2012

First of Several Significant Severe Weather Days in the Plains Today...

As advertised for the past week, several days of significant severe weather are about to get underway across the Plains, beginning today.

A strengthening dryline is taking shape at the surface across the western High Plains, while an upper-level storm system organizes and strengthens to the West.  These two features will combine with increasing instability across the region to produce a threat of severe weather this afternoon and evening, primarily within the yellow shaded areas on the image below:

Large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes can be expected with the activity that forms across this region.  Some of the hail will be very large, with the threat of hailstones exceeding 2 inches in diameter within the red and black hatched area on the image below:

While most any severe storm that forms in this region will be capable of producing a tornado, the highest risk will take place within the yellow shaded area on the image below (and a secondary area with an elevated tornado threat resides within the brown shaded area): 

Thunderstorms are forecast to develop along and immediately to the East of the dryline by mid to late afternoon, and continue East / Southeastward into the evening hours.

Folks living across this region should remain alert this afternoon and evening.  Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, local media or another trusted source for the latest updates and potential warnings.  

Take a few moments early today to review severe weather safety and preparedness tips.  Be sure to identify your best sheltering location and be prepared to go there immediately if threatening weather is observed or a warning issued.

"Stay tuned" for updates on this situation during the day today...

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