Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Large Tornado Near Woodward, OK on Monday, April 9, 2012...

A large tornado took place between Woodward and Sharon, OK yesterday afternoon, April 9, 2012. The tornado was captured on video by Wicked Wind Media storm chasers as shown on the above YouTube clip.

What was the tornado's EF intensity rating, you ask?  We'll never know.  As I often point out here on the blog, our current intensity rating scale for tornadoes is based on observed damage.  Since this tornado occurred in open country and did not hit anything (thankfully), we'll never know how "strong" it really was.

Giant hail also took place across the region in association with this and other storms yesterday afternoon and evening.  Below are some photos of the hail as posted on twitter and/or facebook:

I'm always amused by the "baby size" comparisons to hail.  I guess we'd classify the hail in the above photo "larger than pacifier" sized (or "binky" sized around our house in the day).

While the above photos mostly show golfball to baseball sized hailstones, some of the hail across the area yesterday was reportedly as large as softballs or grapefruits!

The threat of severe weather has shifted just to the southwest of the Woodward area for today, but will be back by the middle through the end of the week.

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