Sunday, April 15, 2012

Minneapolis/St. Paul: Heads-Up for Tornado Threat Approaching From West...

The above image was just taken from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area radar. A broken band of scattered supercell thunderstorms is approaching the city from the West.  Individual storms are racing North/Northeast at 45-55 mph, while the area is moving Eastward at 15-20 mph.

Numerous tornado reports have been received with this activity in the last hour, and is increasing at this time.

This is the type of situation where tornadoes will spin up quickly and dissipate relatively quickly, but due to the strength of the wind fields across the area, the tornadoes could be quite intense for the periods of time that they are in contact with the ground.  In addition, they will tend to spin right back up shortly after diminishing in many cases, causing a "hop and skip" damage path in some cases.

A Tornado Watch is in effect across all of southern Minnesota until 11pm CDT:

If you live in the MSP Metro area, or surrounding areas, please remain very alert this evening.  Seek shelter immediately if a tornado warning is issue for your area.  Don't wait to verify the existence of a tornado, as it could literally drop down right overhead.

Listen to NOAA Weather Radio, local media or another trusted source for later information.  Be sure to identify your best sheltering option and be prepared to go there quickly if needed.  If you need some tips on where to seek shelter, please see my guide here.

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