Saturday, April 14, 2012

Folks Along I-35 in Kansas Need to Prepare for A Significant Tornado Threat Soon...

The above image was just taken from the Dodge City radar. Any one of the supercell storms that you see on the radar is either producing a tornado right now, or could do so at any time.  The storms are moving Northeast at an average of 40-50 mph, while the dryline along which they have formed is moving East at 15-20 mph (you can actually see the dryline running North-South through the Dodge City radar site near the left hand side of the image).

Folks along I-35 from Salina through Wichita should prepare for possible tornado conditions by 6pm or shortly after (perhaps closer to 5:30 for the Salina area).  These storms have a history of producing tornadoes and very large hail.

This is a potentially dangerous and life threatening situation that should be taken very seriously.

Take the time now to review severe weather safety tips and be sure that you identify and prepare your best sheltering option.  If you live in a mobile home and do not have an outdoor sheltering option, I would highly suggest going to stay with a friend or relative that has a more substantial structure available.

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