Saturday, April 14, 2012

Let the Chaser Convergence Begin...

The above radar image (using Wichita as the base) shows the location of storm spotters and/or storm chasers that are literally converging on the central Plains today.  Look at the near solid line of chasers heading North on I-35 from OKC to Wichita, and Northward!

Most seasoned chasers (such as the ones above which have GPS tracking equipment that allows their location to be viewed like this) know the "rules of the road" and proper conduct, but I'm afraid we're likely to see a lot of other folks milling around today, perhaps putting themselves and others at risk.

Average storm movement today will be 50-60 mph, which could create dangerous conditions if rural county roads are log-jammed in some areas, so please use common sense and extreme caution if you are out in the field today.

If you are not an experienced chaser (or you are not chasing with one), today is not really the type of day that I'd recommend starting.  Take a look at websites such as the ones below and you can "chase" the storms from the comfort of your own home (perhaps while enjoying a cold, malted beverage):

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