Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Foggy Start to Thanksgiving Travel Across the Midwest

Dense fog is widespread across the Midwest and Great Lakes region this morning.  The grey and red squares on the above surface map show where airports are reporting visibility less than 1/2 mile in many cases.

Unfortunately, this has lead to quite a bottleneck at Chicago and St. Louis area airports this morning, which has a domino affect on other major hubs.  Hundreds of flights have been delayed and/or cancelled.  If you have travel plans across the region, it would be a very good idea to call ahead or check online to make sure that your flight is on time before heading out to the airport today.

Other than the fog in the Midwest, travel weather conditions will be relatively quiet across the bulk of the country from the Rockies on to the East today.

Out West, unsettled conditions continue from the San Francisco Bay area on Northward into the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies as a series of strong, upper-level weather disturbances impact the region:

Showery and windy conditions will impact the lower elevations in this region, with heavy mountain snows possible.  Winter Weather Advisories are in effect today and/or tonight for the areas shaded in purple on the image below:

If you have travel plans across the affected regions of the West by road, it would be wise to allow extra time due to these conditions.  If you have flights that originate out of San Francisco or Seattle, I'd definitely check ahead to make sure that they are on time.

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