Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Major Storm Getting Underway Across the Northeast...

The latest radar mosaic above depicts precipitation becoming heavy along the immediate coastal areas of New Jersey and Long Island, and spreading up toward Cape Cod as well.  Some of the precipitation is mixing with snow in the Atlantic City area at this time.

Rainfall, and in some areas, snowfall, will increase throughout the day today and into tonight.  Rainfall will become heavy at times, especially along the Jersey shore, central and eastern Long Island and Cape Cod with totals of 2-4 inches likely there today, with locally higher amounts possible:

Locally heavy snow is possible later today and tonight, especially within the lighter blue shaded area on this computer model depiction, where widespread amounts of at least 2-4 inches can be expected, with localized amounts of 3-6 inches or higher.  All of this snow will be driven by strong, gusty winds, creating very hazardous conditions as well:

Winter Storm Warnings are in effect in the pink shaded area on the image below, which includes greater Philadelphia where up to 3-6 inches of snow and strong, gusty winds can be expected today.  High Wind Warnings are in effect in the gold shaded area on the image below, which includes Long Island, New York City and Atlantic City, among other locations.  Wind gusts of 50-60 mph can be expected in these areas today and at least early tonight:

As you've probably noted, a Hurricane Force Wind Warning is in effect off of the New Jersey and Long Island coasts, where gusts of 65-80 mph can be expected today.  I pointed out in a facebook post yesterday evening that one computer model developed this system into a hurricane just offshore today.  While it appears that will not happen in reality, there will be wind gusts that strong just offshore, causing high waves, rough surf and coastal flooding in exactly the areas that do not need to see it, which has been our fear all this week.

We will continue monitoring this situation with additional updates forthcoming...

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