Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Atlantic Tropical Storm & Hurricane Season Wraps Up...

Today being the last day of November also "officially" marks the final day of the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season.  The above video from NOAA shows the progression of the entire season (which began on June 1) in just 4.5 minutes time.  Note:  the video is best viewed in HD mode.

As far as averages and records are concerned, the 2012 season was more active than usual, and came in as a tie for the 3rd most active since records have been kept in 1871, with 19 named storms.  There are typically 12 named storms in an "average" season.

Of the 19 named storms this season, 10 became hurricanes and 1 (Michael - the "fish storm" that never affected land) became a "major" hurricane.

Here in the U.S., the event that most folks will remember is Hurricane Sandy which ravaged an area from the Caribbean to New England during the next to the last month of the season.

Hurricane Isaac is also a memorable event from this season, taking a very "Katrina-like" track through the Gulf Coast back in late August.

Both of these systems illustrated the continued vulnerability of our communities along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.  Regardless as to whether or not a hurricane is classified as "major" (which is primarily based on wind speed), the effects of storm surge as well as salt and fresh water flooding often have a devastating impact.

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