Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Daylight Dawns on the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

In a "quick update" post first thing this morning, I remarked that daylight was about to dawn on the aftermath of Sandy.  As we all feared, it did not reveal a pretty sight.  Here's is just a small sampling of the photos coming in from across the region:

Flooded Tunnel at Shore Parkway and East 7th NYC (NYPost) 

Flooded Tunnel Beneath Battery Park (EPA)

View from the other side of Battery Park Tunnel (twitter)

Underground Garage in Manhattan (BBC)

Lobby of building on West St. NYC (Govs. Office)

Taxi Cab Lot in NYC (twitter/Jeremy Edouard)

Damaged Crane at One 57th St. (ABC)

Close Up View of the Crane Damage Above (ABC)

Hudson River on East 3rd St. NYC (twitter/ScottyB)

One of Many Broken Windows in NYC High Rises (twitter)

High Water at LaGuardia Airport (twitter/Nayab Ansari)

High Water at LaGuardia Airport (twitter/Jet Blue)

Tree Damage in Brooklyn (twitter/Alexander Hotz)

Water Main Break on Coney Island (twitter)

Breezy Point (Long Island) (AP)

Freeport (Long Island) (twitter/Patrick Whittle)

Street Adjacent to Atlantic City's Boardwalk (AP)

Atlantic City Street Turned into a Sandbar (ABC)

Before/After of Jersey Shore Coaster (RYOT News)

I will continue to pull aside some of the more telling photos and/or videos over the coming hours and days and will post them in additional updates.

Our thoughts and prayers will certainly remain with the folks across the Northeast who are only just beginning to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Sandy.

If you would like to help the folks in this region and are unable to do so physically, please consider making a donation to the American Red Cross or another reputable charity.

Many people from around the world are visiting this blog to follow the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Welcome visitors!  Please be sure to check the homepage of the blog and refresh there for all of the latest posts...

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