Monday, October 29, 2012

Record #1 for Sandy: Lowest Pressure North of Hatteras

The latest Hurricane Hunter aircraft observations recorded a minimum central pressure of 943 millibars inside of Hurricane Sandy.  This is the lowest pressure on record in the Atlantic Basin to the North of Cape Hatteras, NC.  The old record was set by the Hurricane of 1938, which now falls to the #2 slot in the record books.
The amazing thing is, we may not be done yet.  There are still several more hours during which the pressure could fall even lower in Sandy.
While we're on the subject of low pressure records, the minimums in recorded history for Atlantic City, NJ and New York City are 960 and 954 millibars, respectively.  I fully expect that both of those records will fall later today when Sandy makes landfall.

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Rob White said...

UPDATE: A subsequent fly through by the Hurricane Hunters found an even lower pressure of 937 mb inside Sandy! I'll update the post once the final record is reached today.