Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy's Center Near Landfall; Storm Surge Nowhere Near Over...

The center of Sandy is about to make landfall on the coast of extreme southern New Jersey / extreme northern Delaware.  Please do not be lured into a false sense of security due to this fact.  Sandy is a tremendously large storm, and there is much more wind damage and much more storm surge yet to come.

Here is the latest river gauge at The Battery in New York City:

The latest level was right around 8 feet.  Unlike this morning when we saw a peak then the levels started to go down (as we entered low tide for the day), the water level will continue to rise steadily for several hours this evening until we reach high tide. 
Right now, the forecast calls for a peak water level later this evening at The Battery of around 12 feet , as indicated by the green line on the image above, and the easier to see black line on the image below:
This will cause much of the region to remain under a large amount water for several hours.
Keep in mind, during Tropical Storm Irene, the peak water level was only 4 feet.  That water height will be tripled in association with Hurricane Sandy.

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If you would like to monitor the latest satellite and radar imagery associated with Sandy, please visit the Tropical Page at our sister site, We will be adding additional imagery and information throughout the coming days.

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