Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Remnants of Sandy Produce Monster Waves Near Chicago...

The above image was taken in lower Manhattan as Hurricane Sandy struck yesterday evening, right?  Wrong.  Believe it or not, this shot was taken along Lakeshore Drive in Chicago earlier today, as high wave action pounded the area along southern Lake Michigan.

A peak wave height of 21.7 feet was measured at the South Buoy on Lake Michigan at 12 Noon today.  The timing of the massive wave corresponded perfectly with a peak wind gust of 56 mph, as indicated by the red plot on the graph below:

This set a new record for the 2nd highest wave at that location.  The highest wave ever recorded at that point on Lake Michigan was 22.9 feet, set on September 30, 2011.

It is fairly unusual for the remnants of a tropical cyclone to cause high wave action on Lake Michigan.  Most of the high waves on the historical record in this region are caused by deep low pressure systems that form during the fall and winter.

This is just further illustration that the effects of Hurricane Sandy, and now the remnants thereof, are widespread and far reaching. Take a look at this recent visible satellite image:

The cloud pattern associated with the remnants of Hurricane Sandy spans over 1400 miles at this hour!

Just another reason why I believe Hurricane Sandy will go down in the record books as the "storm of a lifetime" for most of the people reading this blog (including myself).

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