Monday, October 29, 2012

Stronger Winds Spreading Along Long Island Toward NYC

A wind gust of 81 mph was recorded at Plum Island on the Eastern end of Long Island at 3pm EDT.  The yellow circled area on the doppler radar image above shows 75-85 mph winds that are working Westward along Long Island, heading toward NYC (located at lower left corner of the image).
Widespread wind damage is underway across the region, including construction cranes being fully or partially collapsed on the tops of some buildings in Manhattan.  Unfortunately, much stronger winds have yet to even arrive, but will do so from the East over the next 1-3 hours.

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If you would like to monitor the latest satellite and radar imagery associated with Sandy, please visit the Tropical Page at our sister site, We will be adding additional imagery and information throughout the coming days. 

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