Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day Is About to Dawn on Sandy's Aftermath...

As we await sunrise across NYC and the Northeast, here are some up to the minute things that we do know in the aftermath of Sandy:

-Nearly 8 million people are without power across the Northeast, and that number continues to rise.  This includes hundreds of thousands of customers in the ConEd service area (serving much of NYC):

-The tidal flood gauge at The Battery in NYC fell below flood stage during the pre-dawn hours, but is about to rise above it again as the morning tide rolls in.  The peak water height is expected to reach 8 feet this morning:

-The New York City subway and mass transit system has suffered the greatest damage in its 100 year history.  Water has to be pumped out of many subway and traffic tunnels before the full scope of the damage can be assessed.  Only after that time will we know when service will be fully restored:

-Widespread tree limb, powerline and structural damage remains across the city.  Do not venture outside until officials in your area have deemed it safe to do so.  When you do venture out, please use extreme caution.  Never cross a water covered roadway, and treat any downed power lines as if they are live.

-Outside NYC, a levee has been breached in Moonachie, New Jersey, along the Hackensack River.  Evacuations are under way as waters rise.

This is just a brief snapshot of some of the major impacts that continue to plague the area in the aftermath of Sandy.  Please check back throughout the day for frequent updates.  Also please follow me on facebook and twitter for relevant updates throughout the day.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the folks in this region...

As you might imagine, we are seeing lots of new visitor traffic here on the blog in dealing with the aftermath of Sandy. Welcome visitors!  Unless the tag line at the end of a post indicates otherwise, please don't bookmark a particular post for updates, as new posts will be made each time we have new information to pass along. Please be sure to check the homepage of the blog and refresh there for the latest posts...

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