Friday, November 16, 2012

Tornado Strikes the Algarve Region of Portugal...

A tornado which apparently began as a waterspout struck the Algarve region of southern Portgual around 1pm local time today.  Reports so far indicate that at least 10 people were injured, 2 of them seriously.  Most of the injured were trapped under overturned vehicles.

A couple of videos have recently emerged on YouTube and show a large water spout moving toward the coastline:

Once it came ashore, quite a bit of damage took place in the municipalities of Lagoa and Silves.  Here's another video, this one from the "don't try this at home" department:

Cars were tossed around like toys, trees were uprooted, and some structural damage took place, especially to windows and roofs:

photo via iOnline

photo via iOnline

photo via iOnline

photo via The Portugal News

photo via iOnline

A roof was reportedly "torn off" of a school in the community of Alvor, but there are no immediate reports of serious injuries at that location.

Algarve Region at the Red "A" Balloon

According to a study performed in 2003, approximately 30 tornadoes were observed in Portugal over the 66 year period from 1936 to 2002.  Researchers point out that due to the relatively concentrated population centers in the region, it is quite likely that others have taken place but were simply not observed and entered into the record.

The strongest tornado on record for Portugal took place on November 6, 1954.   That tornado struck the Castelo Branco region where 4 people were killed and over 200 were injured.

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Rob White said...
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Stew Harris said...

The video "Tornado em Silves (directo)" is simply AMAZING!!! Congrats for the guy for showing us how gorgeous is mother nature.