Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Severe Weather Outlook for Today - Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Above is the latest severe weather outlook for today from the SPC in Norman, OK. Severe storms are forecast within the yellow shaded areas on the above image.  Within that overall (and rather broad) risk area, there is a more pronounced threat of damaging winds with thunderstorms that form in the red shaded areas on the image below:

A nearly stationary frontal boundary stretches from the northern Rockies into the central Plains, then Eastward to the Mid-Atlantic region.  Thunderstorms will form along and immediately either side of this boundary today, with some becoming severe this afternoon and into this evening.

Large hail and damaging winds are the greatest threats with this activity.  An isolated tornado or two also cannot be ruled out, particularly with any storm that is able to remain more isolated and become well organized during the first one to two hours of development this afternoon or evening.

One or more clusters or small complexes of storms may also develop by late this evening and track East to East/Southeast overnight tonight.  This is especially likely from southeast Nebraska and/or northeast Kansas, Eastward.  Strong, gusty winds would be the primary severe weather threat overnight tonight from any such cluster or complex.

If you live in or near any of the severe weather risk areas, please stay alert this afternoon & evening.  Review severe weather preparedness tips and have a plan of action ready if threatening weather approaches your area.

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Shamrock said...

Hi Rob! Once again I am sorta confused by my weather. Why are we in the slight risk if the storms are going to be moving South/SWestward from us?

Rob In Texas said...

Shamrock, the activity over middle Tennessee may be tending to drift that direction (SSW) at this time, however additional development is possible anywhere along the front which stretches West to East through your general area. You could literally have a storm develop overhead or very close by and drift over your region.

I wouldn't be too worried about the severity of storms in your particular area today, gusty winds, heavy rain and lightning the main threats...

Shamrock said...

Thanks, Rob! They just updated and took just our corner of TN and the Carolinas out f the slight risk! YAY!! Rob, it has been so hot here the last couple of days and MUGGY! It's never been like this here before!