Friday, August 12, 2011

Come On, "Tower Guy"....Wise Up Already!

***Updated 5pm Sunday, 8-14-11:  The "tower guy" is still at it.  This has now turned into the longest "stand off" in Tulsa Police history.  Latest on the story is available here

--------------------------------------Original post below:

Not only is Tulsa, OK my hometown, but it's also where my interest in the weather began some 30 years ago (full age disclosure not forthcoming).  Since 11am Thursday, some guy (the dude in the white t-shirt 'hangin out' on the tower in the photo above) with nothing better to do has been climbing up and down (not completely in either direction) the broadcast tower of KOKI/Fox23 TV in Tulsa.  

The latest Tulsa radar image, with a lightning strike data overlay, is shown below:

A word of advice to "the Tower Guy" from a fellow Tulsan:  Please get down before the lightning turns you into a statistic!  

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