Sunday, August 14, 2011

Severe Weather Safety - When & Where to Seek Shelter

I have received a couple of comments and numerous e-mails today concerning my postings on the horrible tragedy that took place at the Indiana State Fair yesterday evening (for details, see my original post located here).

Most of the inquiries deal with the question of where folks attending the concert should have taken shelter (with it being an outdoor event) if adequate warning and/or evacuation orders had been given.  

While I have responded to each of the inquiries individually by the comment section and/or e-mail, I thought that it might be helpful to direct others who may be interested to a post that I originally made back on June 13th, which answers many of these same sheltering questions.  You can view that post here.

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Anonymous said...


The Indiana State Fairgrounds is not an entirely outdoor event. There are several permanent buildings that people may have been able to take shelter in, had they been given adequate warning.

Rob In Texas said...


Thanks for the comment. I posted a link to a map of the fair in response to a comment on my original post on the event (see the comments section at the end of the post):

It indeed shows the structures of which you are speaking. It's a terrible shame that the attendees weren't advised to seek that shelter when it mattered the most....