Monday, August 22, 2011

Large Tornado Strikes Goderich, Ontario, Canada on 8-21-11

The above image was taken by a citizen near Goderich, Ontario, just across the border from Lake Huron in Canada on Sunday afternoon, 8-21-11.  The radar image of the corresponding thunderstorm showed a classic "hook echo" signature at approximately 2:50 PM CDT, 3:50 PM EDT:

Goderich is about 115 miles Northeast of Detroit, Michigan, to put things into perspective.

The following damage video was just posted on YouTube.  KIDDO ALERT:  Foul language just a few seconds after the tape rolls:

Paul McMullen has also posted some damage photos on his facebook page.  So far I'm not seeing any reports of deaths or serious injuries, which is certainly good news.  With that said, based on some of the damage imagery that I'm seeing, I wouldn't be surprised if that changed.  One potential mitigating factor, according to this article, is that Environment Canada had a Tornado Warning out on this storm as it approached the city.

***Update, 6pm CDT 8/22/11:  According to this article, Environment Canada has rated the tornado an F3.  Sadly, one person has also been confirmed as killed by the storm.

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Bre said...
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William Cookson said...

The top photo listed as "Resident" is Mr. Joseph Gowanlock from his home outside of Benmiller, outside of Goderich.