Friday, August 26, 2011

"Signal Strength" - Cellphone Networks Expected to 'Crash' in Irene...

Interesting article on CNET News regarding the "hit" that the cellular phone network is expected to take (literally and figuratively) from Hurricane Irene.

It sounds like the major cellular network carriers are placing emergency generators and extra fuel near transmission sites, etc., in an effort to combat the likely power outages.  This is fine, assuming that the towers and/or equipment remain functional during powerful winds, storm surge flooding, etc.

They echoed a suggestion that I made a couple of days ago in that you should plan to send short text messages or e-mails to communicate with family rather than trying to make voice calls which require greater network resources...

I think a reminder should also go out to please conserve voice phone calls during the height of the storm to true emergencies only.  That way those who do need to make an emergency call have a better chance of getting through.

If you still haven't purchased an emergency back-up power supply for your cellphone or smartphone, it's not too late to do so.  Head over to RadioShack today and they'll get you fixed up!

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