Friday, August 12, 2011

Widespread Damaging Wind Threat Kansas/Oklahoma Later Today...

Severe thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon, evening and into tonight across a broad region within the central and southern Plains and parts of the Midwest (yellow shaded areas on the image above).

In particular, it appears that an organized threat of damaging winds, potentially widespread, will develop across the red and black hatched areas on the image below:

This organized threat of damaging winds includes the Wichita, Topeka, Kansas City, Tulsa, Joplin and Springfield areas.

There are currently 2 clusters of thunderstorms moving toward the East or Southeast along the Kansas/Oklahoma border North of Tulsa and between Omaha and Kansas City.  This activity initially developed overnight, and is not currently severe.  Several weak surface boundaries have been left behind by this activity over central and eastern Kansas and along the Kansas/Oklahoma border areas this morning.  Thunderstorms are forecast to develop along these boundaries by mid to late afternoon.

Once developed, this activity is forecast to congeal into one or more complexes of thunderstorm activity this evening and tonight.  Widespread, potentially damaging winds will be the primary threat with this activity as it moves generally toward the Southeast.

I'll make an updated post later today as it becomes more clear where the primary threat area may reside.

If you live in this region, please remain alert today.  Review severe weather preparedness tips and be ready to seek shelter if threatening weather approaches your area.

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The Planet Pink said...

It's days like this I'm grateful we live in a new subdivision with no trees! Thanks for the head's up Rob!

Rob In Texas said...

No problem. If it's like my neighborhood, your power lines are probably buried underground too, which reduces the threat of power outages as well (as long as the supply lines stay up)!