Friday, August 12, 2011

Tropics Slowly Coming Alive - No Land Threatened As Of Yet...

There are 4 active Tropical Waves out in the Atlantic as of this morning (within the yellow circled areas on the satellite image above).

The northern-most wave is moving Northeastward, out to Sea, so I'm really not too concerned about that one.  Similarly, the center 2 waves are forecast to turn toward the North and then Northeast and are not likely to become a threat to populated areas (except perhaps Bermuda early next week - I'll be more specific in later posts if a significant threat develops for Bermuda).  

The Southern-most disturbance will need to be watched closely over the next 5 days as it is forecast to continue moving Westward.  The latest computer forecast model projections for this system are shown below (yellow circled area shows the current location of that particular system):

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