Monday, August 1, 2011

Very Large Hail East of New York City Today...

The above video was captured about an hour ago by a resident of New Hyde Park, NY, on Long Island, about 25 miles East of New York City. As you can see, hailstones of quarter to tennis ball size can be seen plopping in the pool and on the porch!

The radar image below shows the storm responsible for the very large hail earlier in New Hyde Park.  It is currently drifting slowly toward the Southeast:

The left half of the image shows the radar in "reflectivity" mode (i.e., rain, hail, etc.), while the right half shows the radar's VIL "vertically integrated liquid" mode.  As a general rule, the higher the VIL value (i.e. the white and grey colors on the image), the larger the hail.

Jump back to 4:20 PM EDT, which is about the time most of the large hail was falling in New Hyde Park, and you can see what the VIL image looked like at that time:

The green triangle just to the right of "New Hyde Park" on the image is where the radar was estimating 2.5 inch diameter hail was falling at the time.  Turns out the radar was "right on" in this case....

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