Saturday, August 6, 2011

Northern Lights Put on Quite a Show Yesterday Evening....

As a follow-up to yesterday's post concerning the Aurora Borealis (a.k.a. "The Northern Lights"), many folks across the Northern half of the U.S. saw quite a show toward Midnight last night.  

One of my favorite photos of the event last night was taken from a very likely place to see the Aurora (Shaunavon, Saskatchewan in Canada), but also had the awesome added bonus of including a thunderstorm with in-cloud lightning visible on the horizon!  The awesome shot that I'm speaking of was taken by Chris Attrell:

Greg Johnson, a storm chaser and professional photographer in Canada captured this stunning shot in southern Saskatchewan last night: 

On the U.S. side of the border, Rob Wright caputured this image near Limestone, Maine:

...and here is a stunning shot by Travis Novitsky, taken near Grand Portage, Minnesota:

The shot below was taken near Stagecoach, Colorado.  If you look closely you can see vertical "bands" within the overall light blue hue in the sky:

I've also seen reports that the Northern Lights were viewed as far South as Falls City, Nebraska and near Little Sioux in southern Iowa (near the Missouri border).  The glow was probably faint and closer to the horizon in these areas; I have not had anyone send me a photo just yet...

The magnetic storm that produced this amazing site last night is subsiding today, but there will still be a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights a bit further South than normal again tonight.  For the U.S. that would primarily be in the states just South of the Canadian border.

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