Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pressure Falling Inside Irene; Winds to Increase Soon...

According to recent Hurricane Hunter Aircraft observations, the barometric pressure is falling and the eye wall is contracting inside Hurricane Irene, both signs that the expected increase in surface winds will follow shortly...  

At 11pm EDT, the center of Irene was located 490 miles South/Southwest of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Maximum sustained winds were 115 mph, and the minimum central pressure was 27.82 inches of mercury (942 millibars).

Irene continues to make a turn more toward the North (as expected) this evening, and is now moving just slightly West of due North, at 14 mph.

Irene continues to move into a very favorable environment for intensification, and is highly likely that she will intensify further tonight and/or Friday.

The forecast track has not changed from my detailed post earlier this evening.  Please also refer to region-specific posts that have been made throughout the evening pertaining to potential impacts on:  North Carolina, Baltimore/Washington and New Jersey, New York City and Long Island.

Please go to this post for more information on preparing for an approaching Hurricane.  Please refer to this post for information on creating your own severe weather and hurricane survival kit.

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