Saturday, August 27, 2011

Web Cams Bring Hurricane Irene Right Into Your Living Room...

**Update 7:40pm CDT 8/27/11:
Via e-mail, Chuck from Atlantic City sent me a link to the "Naked Cowgirl" webcam in Times Square. Sorry, Chuck, this is a family blog.  Besides, it looks like she took the night off anyway (had to check out his link for blog quality control, of course).

Merle from Philadelphia wrote:  "Why don't they put windshield wipers on some of those cameras".  I couldn't agree more.  Many of the department of transportation "traffic cams" have wipers, and some of the media sponsored ones as well, but the others are usually a sloppy mess once the rain starts.

------------------------------------Original post below:

If you're getting tired of listening to all of the talking heads on TV while trying to watch the storm (I don't know - maybe you don't like the shot they have framed up, or your mute button is broken, or a combination of the two), you can also watch Hurricane Irene live on the web!

Here are just a few of the thousands of live webcams with views in various areas that will be impacted this evening and into tonight:

"New York Live" cameras - various cameras positioned throughout the city

Midtown New York City cameras, including Empire State Building

5 different cameras positioned around Times Square

Link to numerous cameras around New Jersey

Link to various cameras around Philadelphia

Link to various cameras around Baltimore

Link to various cameras around Washington, DC

If you have a favorite webcam that's getting hammered this evening, please feel free to post it in comments or shoot me an e-mail and I'll update the post as time permits...

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Anonymous said...

trees were whipping around pretty good on this one a minute ago in Atlantic City...

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