Thursday, December 8, 2011

Powerful Storm Pounding Scotland with 160+ mph Winds...

A powerful storm system, the equivalent of a strong hurricane in some areas, is battering Scotland today. The swirling cloud cover associated with the strong low pressure center is shown on the satellite image above, circled in red.

Below is a graph of recent wind observations as measured at Cairngorm Summit (which is at a height of about 4,100 feet above sea level).  The blue lines show steady winds of 120-130 mph, with gusts (red lines) approaching 150 mph:

Even stronger gusts of up to 165 mph have been measured by this station since the above graph was produced.  The graphic presentation is updated every six hours at this link.

Police and other government officials are warning against all travel across the entire country today, due to the dangerously high winds, downed trees and powerlines.

As twitter user 'chixor' recently put it:  "Scotland is currently closed. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, we hope to resume full [services] soon"  That "tongue in cheek" assessment may well be the best summation of the situation in Scotland at the moment...

The video below was taken earlier at Prestwick Beach and shows gale force winds and high wave action pounding the coast:

An interesting photo montage from around the country has been put together by the BBC.

As if the strong winds weren't enough, heavy rain will turn to sleet and/or snow, especially across the West, before the storm rapidly exits the region tonight...

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