Friday, December 23, 2011

Update on "White Christmas 2011"...

The latest run of the GFS computer model's snow cover forecast valid 6am CST on Christmas morning is shown below:

The depth may be underestimated across portions of western Kansas where there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground, but at least you can get the general idea as to who is likely to have some snow on the ground on Christmas Day.

Note the recent additions over western and northwest Texas, including a patch of accumulated (albeit light) snow to the immediate West of Ft. Worth.

It looks increasingly likely that light snow and/or flurries will also fall even further South in Texas, including parts of the Hill Country to the West of Austin and San Antonio on Christmas Eve.  Accumulation does not appear likely, however it will certainly give a nice, Christmas feel to the air for sure!  I'm keeping an eye on this disturbance and will make a more detailed post later today...

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