Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update on Plains Thunderstorm / Severe Weather Potential for Today & Tonight...

Early this morning the SPC in Norman, OK removed their outlook for a risk of severe thunderstorms across central Texas today. This is mainly due to the widespread cloud cover which is keeping temperatures lower, and as a result, not allowing the atmosphere to become very unstable.

There is still a risk of a few thunderstorms with hail and gusty winds to near severe limits this afternoon and evening across northwestern Texas, eastern Oklahoma and portions of Arkansas and Missouri, mainly within the area shaded in brown on the radar image below:

In addition, another disturbance will lift Northeast across Texas overnight tonight, and could result in a few strong thunderstorms re-forming over the Texas portion of the area outlined in brown once again, into the early morning hours on Thursday.

Thunderstorms are already getting underway across northwest Texas and southcentral Oklahoma at this hour and may begin to produce the marginally severe hail and gusty winds referred to above during the next few hours:

Meanwhile, widespread showers and embedded thunderstorms will continue to cover much of the central third of the nation through the weekend, resulting in widespread rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches in many areas.  The rainfall forecast image below is for the period today through 6am CST Monday:

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