Monday, December 19, 2011

Severe Weather Update - Texas...

The radar mosaic above shows a line of thunderstorms developing about as expected near the I-35 corridor, from Dallas on Southward to just Northeast of San Antonio at this hour.

The series of images below were taken from the Ft. Worth, Killeen and Austin area radars, respectively, and will give you a closer look at what is taking place:

The line is moving slowly Eastward, while individual thunderstorms within the line are moving Northeast at about 35 mph.

So far none of this activity is severe, but some of the embedded thunderstorms may begin to produce strong, gusty winds and marginally severe hail as they move into Northeast and east-central Texas this evening.

An isolated tornado or two cannot be ruled out, especially with any stronger storms that are able to become organized ahead of the line over southeast Texas.

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